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Chuck Muncie San Diego Chargers Autographed Navy Blue Throwback Jersey with 3X Pro Bowler Inscription
Roger Craig San Francisco 49ers Autographed Red Throwback Jersey Inscribed 3X SB Champs
David Ortiz Boston Red Sox Autographed Majestic Authentic Red Jersey with 13 WS MVP Inscription
Sam Bradford Autographed Jersey | Details: Reebok Authentic, St. Louis Rams
Bill Russell Autographed Jersey | Details: Boston Celtics, White, Mitchell & Ness, with "#6" Inscription
Paul Krause Minnesota Vikings Autographed Purple Throwback Jersey
Reggie Bush Autographed Jersey | Details: New Orleans Saints, White, Reebok
LaDainian Tomlinson San Diego Chargers Autographed Custom Jersey with 31 TDs 2006 Inscription
Gene Washington Autographed Minnesota Vikings Purple Throwback Jersey
Eddie Murray Baltimore Orioles Autographed White Majestic Jersey With Triple Inscription
Marcus Allen Autographed Jersey | Details: Red, Custom
Hugh McElhenny San Francisco 49ers Autographed Throwback Jersey with HOF Inscription
Daunte Culpepper Autographed Jersey | Details: Minnesota Vikings, Reebok, Replica, Purple
Darren McFadden Autographed Jersey | Details: Arkansas Razorbacks
Webster Slaughter Cleveland Browns Autographed Jersey
Jack Lambert Pittsburgh Steelers Autographed Throwback Black Jersey with HOF Inscription
Fran Tarkenton Minnesota Vikings Autographed Proline White Jersey with HOF 86 Inscription
Danny White Autographed White Throwback Jersey with ''America's Team'' Inscription
Jan Stenerud Autographed Red Jersey
Jim Hart St. Louis Cardinals Autographed Throwback Jersey

For the true sports fanatic, there is nothing in the world of sports collectibles quite like an autographed jersey. Jerseys represent both legendary teams and incredible individuals, and they allow a fan to own a coveted and one of a kind piece of their team’s history. Pro Sports Memorabilia is proud to offer you one of the most outstanding varieties of autographed jerseys available, so that no matter your sport and no matter your team or favorite player, you can be sure to find an authentic and quality jersey in one convenient and trusted location.

Our collection of jerseys is vast and includes jerseys from NBA, NFL, NCAA, NHL and MLB players. We also offer jerseys from the Olympics, various Soccer teams, Wrestling programs and celebrities. No matter what your sport of choice is you can be sure to find it well represented at Pro Sports Memorabilia. Our collection has a wide variety of available features including signed jerseys, unsigned jerseys, multiple signature jerseys and even jerseys that are game used or feature inscriptions.

So now all you have to decide is who your favorite player is. If that is too tall an order, do not worry; we carry all your favorites here so you can create the ultimate sports fan collection. Our autographed jersey collection features all the greats from every sport and era, with every legendary basketball player from Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird to Dwayne Wade, Derrick Rose and Kobe Bryant.

If you are a pro football fanatic, our collection is sure to exceed your expectations. We offer jerseys from Walter Payton, Joe Montana, Dan Marino, Dick Butkus, Peyton Manning and many more.

MLB fans are also sure to find what they are looking for here. Our MLB collection features game used jerseys and pristine collectibles from the likes of Pete Rose, Derek Jeter, and Cal Ripken Jr. The list goes on and on. Every MLB team is well represented in our collection.

Today is the day to celebrate your favorite teams and players with an autographed jersey from Pro Sports Memorabilia. These one of a kind pieces are something that you will cherish for the rest of your life, and Pro Sports Memorabilia is proud to support the sports fever of fans everywhere.