Babe Ruth Autographed Memorabilia and Collectibles

Babe Ruth was a Hall of Famer who etched his name in MLB history by becoming baseball’s first dominant home run hitter. Ruth was a transcendent player, and is still to this day regarded by many as one of the greatest sports figures in the history of American sports. Ruth played 22 years in the majors and basically dominated two aspects of the game; he established himself as a solid left-handed pitcher but later gained national fame by developing into the most feared slugger the game had ever seen.

Babe Ruth’s career started with the Boston Red Sox after the team purchased his rights from the Baltimore Orioles before he made his professional debut. As a pitcher, Ruth accumulated a 65-33 record from 1915 to 1917 – he established himself as a good pitcher, but behind the scenes he was working on his offense in order to expand his game. The Red Sox never capitalized on Ruth’s improved hitting abilities, and before the 1920 season the team sold his rights to the New York Yankees. This sale dramatically impacted both teams in completely different ways. The Red Sox, who had won five of the first 16 World Series from 1903 to 1919, would not win another title until 2004. The Yankees prospered after acquiring Ruth, they won seven American League pennants and four World Series with him and now lead all of baseball with 40 pennants and 27 World Series titles.

Ruth transitioned from being a very good pitcher for the Red Sox to become an outstanding hitter for the Yankees. During the 1920 season, his first in New York, Ruth hit a then-record 54 home runs to go along with 135 RBI. Many thought the statistics he put up that season were an anomaly and would never be duplicated, but Ruth defied those beliefs by hitting 59 home runs the following season while recording 168 RBI. Ruth broke his home run record again in 1927, a season that will live forever in baseball lore. During that epic year, Ruth hit 60 home runs – a record that stood for 35 years – and recorded 165 RBI. Fans and baseball collectors can keep that moment in history alive by adding a Babe Ruth baseball card that commemorates his many achievements, such as Ruth’s 60th home run.

Babe Ruth is simply an athlete whose accomplishments will never be forgotten. He single-handedly changed the way baseball was played, and made the transition between being a pitcher to power hitter that has yet to be duplicated by anyone. The Hall of Famer retired with a .342 batting average, 2,873 career hits, 714 home runs and 2,213 RBI – all historical numbers, especially when you think that he did all that after posting a career 94-46 pitching record with an extremely low 2.28 career ERA. Investing in authentic Babe Ruth memorabilia is an easy decision because his memorabilia will always garner a great amount of attention. Ruth’s memorabilia is scarce, so take advantage of our authentic collectibles and add this legend to your collection.

    • Babe Ruth Signed Baseballs: Babe Ruth is an icon, it’s that simple. He impacted the game of baseball like few after him have been able to duplicate. Because of his historical presence within the game of baseball, fans and collectors should strive to add Babe Ruth memorabilia to their collection. Ruth succeeded at every aspect of the game; he intimidated batters as a pitcher and then intimidated pitchers as a batter. There really wasn’t anything on the baseball field he could not do. Our selection of autographed Babe Ruth baseballs gives fans and collectors an excellent place to go when they need authentic memorabilia. A signed Babe Ruth baseball is an iconic piece of MLB history and can elevate the historical context of a collection dramatically. When a ball is signed by a Hall of Famer it instantly gains value, but one with a Babe Ruth autograph is the pinnacle of all baseball collectibles.

    • Babe Ruth Autographed Photos: Babe Ruth won seven World Series titles, was the AL home run champion 12 times and the RBI champion six times. The numbers speak volumes on the effect he had on the game of baseball. With our expansive section of Babe Ruth memorabilia, we offer fans and collectors and opportunity to preserve Ruth’s legacy by adding some of his memorabilia to their collection. An autographed Babe Ruth photo captures the most historic moments from all of Major League Baseball’s existence. Many of the Babe Ruth signed photos capture the Hall of Famer in mid-swing during this storied career that will be remembered for ages. Babe Ruth’s signature on authentic items is very rare, so fans and collectors should not lose an opportunity to miss out on a historic addition to their collection.

    • Babe Ruth Art: Babe Ruth’s impact on the game of baseball is often compared to Muhammad Ali’s impact on boxing. Ruth’s legacy will live forever in baseball history, but as a fan you can keep his dominance alive by commemorating his play within your memorabilia collection. A unique way to preserve Ruth’s legacy is by adding Babe Ruth inspired art to your collection. A piece of Babe Ruth artwork that captures the all-time great during a swing with a fantastic blend of colors makes the unique canvas pop like few collectibles can. In addition to preserving a baseball icon in a beautiful way, it is painted and autographed by Malcolm Farley, an internationally recognized artist.

    • Babe Ruth Plaques and Collages: As one of the most dominant players ever for the most dominant franchise ever, it’s no surprise why Babe Ruth’s legacy still thrives today. He changed the game of baseball and inspired players for decades on how to play the game. Ruth is one of those athletes that should be incorporated somehow into every sports memorabilia collection. With a framed Babe Ruth plaque fans can keep his legacy alive while adding depth to their collection and honoring the remarkable slugger’s tenure with the Yankees. The rare collectible comes with a Babe Ruth photo, a photo of his Hall of Fame plaque and a photo of his Hall of Fame year, and facsimile signature to preserve the true essence of the greatest for a lifetime.

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