Cleveland Browns Jim Brown Autographed Memorabilia and Collectibles

Jim Brown is widely regarded as one of the best sporting athletes of all-time and was even named the best football player ever by the Sporting News. Throughout his storied career, Brown spent nine season playing for the Cleveland Browns between 1957 and 1965. During his tenure as a member of the Browns, Jim Brown set a number of records as the Browns running back and earned a place among the league legends in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Before taking his talent to the NFL, Jim Brown played college football at Syracuse University. In just his sophomore year, Brown set a number of records that sparked interest from NFL teams and he came fifth in the Heisman Trophy voting. In addition to being named an All-American, Jim Brown set a number of Syracuse football records including an amazing rushing record of 986 yards while playing in only eight games.

Upon entering the 1956 NFL Draft, Jim Brown was selected sixth overall by the Cleveland Browns to mark the beginning of what would become a football legacy. Over the next nine NFL seasons, Brown went on to set a rushing record of 12,312 yards and the league record for number of yards rushed in a single season with 1,863 yards in 1963. Additionally, Brown also broke the record for the number of rushed touchdowns with 106, the total number of touchdowns with 126, and all-purpose yards at 15,549. In addition to being one of the most dominant rusher, Jim Brown was also strong as a receiver and totaled 262 receptions for a total of 2,499 receiving yards and scored 20 touchdowns. Brown then added another 628 yards to his total just by returning kickoffs.

Throughout his NFL career, Jim Brown was voted into the Pro-Bowl in every single season and posted statistics that put him in the running as one of the greatest football players ever. After breaking nearly every record in the book, Browns’ numbers stood for many years until they were broken by new players when the season began including more games. Despite his records being broken, Jim Brown was a remarkable athlete and achieved more in his short career than even the best players to follow in his footsteps.

As one of the best athletes of all time and an NFL player that took the sport to an entirely new level, authentic Jim Brown memorabilia is an absolute must for any serious sports room or football collection. With a legacy that will forever remain intact, NFL merchandise with a rare Jim Brown autograph is extremely valuable and a true treasure for anyone. Take home a piece of NFL history and invest in unique Jim Brown collectibles.

    • Jim Brown Signed Helmets: After completing his entire career in a Cleveland Browns and being the franchise’s great player in history, a Jim Brown autographed helmet is a must have addition to any collection or sports room dedicated to the team. Show your Browns pride and honor one of the best NFL players in league history with a Jim Brown signed helmet that features official Cleveland colors, as well as inscriptions denoting the former running back’s achievements.

    • Jim Brown Autographed Footballs: Brown made his entire career out of being able to rush with the ball, so there’s no better addition to a sports collection than an NFL game ball that has been signed by the legend himself. In addition to classic Jim Brown signed footballs, there are also Cleveland Brown footballs signed by the franchise icon. Celebrate the Hall of Famer’s storied NFL career and invest in sports memorabilia of value with a rare Jim Brown autographed football.

    • Signed Jim Brown Photos: As an athlete that put together a highlight reel of a career, there are many unforgettable images of the three-time NFL MVP that can be captured forever with Jim Brown autographed photos. From pictures of the nine-time Pro Bowler charging down the field with a ball in his hand or dodging his opponent, Jim Brown signed photos preserve some of the most memorable moments in NFL history and keep Brown’s legacy alive.

  • Autographed Jim Brown Jerseys: A player’s jersey is the ultimate dedication to that athlete and their team, so no serious football collection is complete without a signed Jim Brown jersey. Featuring Cleveland Browns team colors, a Jim Brown autographed jersey allows fans to show support for their team while commemorating the athlete that brought the franchise its earliest success. Take home a piece of Cleveland football history with a Jim Brown signed jersey that will only continue to acquire worth over time.

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