Miami Dolphins Autographed Memorabilia and Collectibles

The Miami Dolphins have a decorated history full of accolades that any franchise would be proud of. The Dolphins have one claim to fame that no other team has matched, though, and that’s the 1972 perfect season. Miami completed the NFL’s lone perfect season by winning all 14 regular season games, sweeping the first two rounds of the playoffs and then winning Super Bowl VII. The perfect season aside, the Dolphins are still one of the most successful franchises in NFL history with 22 playoff appearances, 13 division titles, five AFC Championships and two Super Bowl wins.

During the 1960s, the Dolphins were a new franchise that struggled to get better in a league with established talented teams. Miami turned its fortunes around in 1970 when the franchise hired Don Shula to be its next head coach. Shula arrived from Baltimore, where he led the Colts to a Super Bowl appearance and turned the franchise around. During his first year in Miami, Shula led the Dolphins to a 10-4 record and the first playoff appearance in franchise history. To this day, Shula remains the most famous coach in Miami Dolphins history and his name is sacred to fans.

With Shula at the helm of the team, the 1972 Dolphins etched themselves as the lone perfect team in NFL history. Their quest started by winning 14 regular season games, then they won two playoff games and finally they took down the Washington Redskins in Super Bowl VII 14-7 to claim perfection. Quarterback Bob Griese led the Dolphins in the Super Bowl, despite missing time during the season and playoffs after breaking a leg and dislocating his ankle. The Dolphins rushing attack during the season was legendary, Larry Csonka and Mercury Morris became the first teammates in NFL history to each rush for over 1,000 yards. Following the perfect season, the Dolphins posted a 12-2 record and once again rolled through the playoffs and eventually beat the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl VIII. Miami had enjoyed a three-year stretch which included three Super Bowl appearances and back-to-back titles.

After winning back-to-back Super Bowl’s, the Dolphins remained relevant and frequently made the playoffs, but a loss of some key players prevented them from returning to the promise land and winning another title. In 1983 the Dolphins drafted Dan Marino out of Pittsburgh with the 27th pick in the draft, and Don Shula would soon tab him as his starting quarterback. Marino won the NFL Rookie of the Year award during his first season in Miami, and he would go on to become one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. Marino played his entire career with the Dolphins while making nine Pro Bowl appearances and led the Dolphins to the Super Bowl in 1984. A Dan Marino signed mini helmet would be a fantastic addition to any NFL memorabilia collection, and for Miami fans it can help preserve the legacy of the Hall of Fame gunslinger.

Since Marino retired in 1999, the Dolphins have struggled to find their next franchise quarterback. Miami’s fortunes may have changed when it drafted Ryan Tannehill with the eighth overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. Tannehill has shown glimpses of stardom, and Miami fans have embraced him as the most talented quarterback the team has had since Marino hung up his cleats.

The Miami Dolphins are a team that’s going to make a lot of noise in the NFL for years to come. As a team stacked with talent, it’s easy to see why Dolphins fans are as excited about their memorabilia as they have ever been. Ryan Tannehill, Mike Wallace and Knowshon Moreno are just a few players the Dolphins have that are at the top of their games. Any Miami Dolphins memorabilia that you add to your collection at this moment will only positively impact the collection.

      • Dan Marino Autographed Footballs: Dan Marino is the best quarterback in Miami Dolphins history. He remained loyal to the Dolphins and played his entire 17-year career in Miami while leading them to 10 playoff appearances. Fans and collectors should think about adding a signed Dan Marino football to their collection in order to add some historical context. Because Marino was such an established passer, adding a signed football would be the ideal addition to any sports memorabilia collection. An autographed Dan Marino football can serve as the centerpiece within any classic NFL memorabilia collection. Each football features a rare Dan Marino autographed and many also include inscriptions, like his retired number “13” and “1984 MVP,” which commemorates his dominant 1984 season and drive up the value of the collectible.

      • Bob Griese Signed Jerseys: Bob Griese will always have a place in Miami Dolphins history – he led the team to its only two Super Bowl victories in franchise history. As a six-time Pro Bowler, Griese was a potent quarterback who consistently improved his game when his team faced difficult situations. Fans and collectors everywhere still look to preserve Griese’s legacy as the starting quarterback for the only undefeated team in history, and there’s no better way to do that than by adding a signed Bob Griese jersey to your memorabilia collection. Griese avoids signing sessions, making an autographed Bob Griese jersey that much more special and difficult to find.

      • Larry Csonka Autographed Helmets: As a five-time Pro Bowler, Larry Csonka established himself as a bruising fullback that intimidated opposing defenses. Csonka was named an All-Pro player twice, and played a pivotal role in the Miami Dolphins’ three-consecutive trips to the Super Bowl, which resulted in two wins. Csonka dominated for the Dolphins in Super Bowl VIII and was named Super Bowl MVP, a feat that will forever keep in him as a fan-favorite in Miami. With an autographed Larry Csonka helmet, fans and collectors can preserve the career of this Hall of Fame player. From throwback Dolphins helmets to products with the current Miami design, each features an authentic Larry Csonka autograph and many also commemorate his Hall of Fame induction with the inscription “HOF ’87.”

      • Ryan Tannehill Signed Photos: Ryan Tannehill is the future of the Miami Dolphins that much is obvious. The team drafted him in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft to be the face of the franchise. Tannehill has consistently improved over his two seasons, going from 12 touchdown passes in his rookie season to 24 during his second year. As Tannehill establishes himself as an elite quarterback, fans should invest in his memorabilia now and not wait until too much hype builds up around him. With a signed Ryan Tannehill photo fans can display their favorite Miami Dolphins moments and celebrate the quarterback of the future.

    • Jason Taylor Signed Memorabilia: Jason Taylor is one of the best defensive players to ever play for the Miami Dolphins. He started his career in Miami in 1997 and played there until 2007, but his loyalty to the team showed as he returned for two more stints with the franchise until he finally retired in 2011. Taylor was a six-time Pro Bowler, all of which came as a member of the Dolphins, and was named the NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 2006. For Miami fans it is crucial to preserve Jason Taylor in your memorabilia collection, and the time to do it is now because he will soon be inducted into the Hall of Fame and the hype surrounding his collectibles will drastically increase. With a Jason Taylor plaque fans can commemorate the career of the future Hall of Famer and take home a piece of sports history. Each plaque features a photo of Taylor and also lists some of his notable career achievements.

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