Michael Jordan Autographed Memorabilia and Collectibles

There is no more influential or iconic athlete to exist in the sports world than the legendary Michael Jordan. Regarded by many as the greatest basketball player of all time, it’s hard to argue with his claim to fame as the best to grace the game when you look at his achievements and statistics from throughout his unforgettable NBA career. Credited with popularizing the NBA, Michael Jordan not only changed basketball forever, he also proved that athletes are some of the most influential people in the world.

In his early days on the basketball court, Michael Jordan was deemed to be too short at only 5ft 11 inches tall and often overlooked on his high school team. After a growth spurt and vigorous training, Jordan eventually broke out as a star on the varsity team at Emsley A. Laney High School and averaged more than 20 points per game in his two seasons on the roster. In his senior year, Jordan was selected for the McDonald’s All-American team, before having to choose where he would play college ball from the mass of major universities fighting for his signature, but ultimately he chose to attend the University of North Carolina.

Throughout his college career, Michael Jordan averaged 17.7 points per game with 5 rebounds to produce one of the greatest three years in NCAA basketball history. Jordan won a number of awards during his time at North Carolina including voted to the NCAA All-American first team twice, as well as winning both the Naismith and Wooden College Player of the Year titles. Jordan then decided to not complete his fourth year in the NCAA, and instead entered the 1984 NBA Draft in 1984, where he was selected third overall by the Chicago Bulls.

Jordan’s first season in the NBA was pretty spectacular. He posted an average of 28.2 points per game and a shooting percentage of 51.5%, which earned him a starting position in the All-Star game, the Rookie of the Year award, and an appearance on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Despite missing most of his second season due to a foot injury, Michael Jordan returned to the court just in time for the playoffs where he set a record for scoring 63 points in Game 2 against the Boston Celtics. As Michael Jordan continued to write basketball history, he continued to set records in his third year in the NBA, becoming only the second player after Wilt Chamberlain to score more than 3,000 points in a single season and the first player to ever have over 200 steals with 100 blocks. Jordan’s averages continued to rise as his game improved, resulting in the league MVP for the 1987-88 season as well as the award for the best defensive player for his 35 points per game.

Michael Jordan continued to really excel throughout his entire illustrious NBA career, leading the Chicago Bulls to a remarkable six NBA Championships with two three-peats. For his contributions to each title, Jordan was also named NBA Finals MVP an outstanding six times, with five incredible NBA Most Valuable Player Awards. Clearly a fan-favorite, Michael Jordan was also selected to the All-Star Game 14 times, in which he won All-Star MVP three times. Jordan’s extensive list of accolades also includes an NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award, three titles as the league’s steals champion, ten seasons as an NBA scoring champion, and recording the Chicago Bull’s all-time scoring record. All of these titles do not even include his amazing statistics that prove just how incredibly talented Jordan was as a player. With 32,292 career points, 6,672 career rebound, 5,633 career assists, and the numerous NBA records to his name, Michael Jordan solidified his place in the Basketball Hall of Fame and as an NBA icon forever.

Michael Jordan is still a name to behold and he is the player that still demands a huge amount of respect even long after his retirement. Considering his iconic place in sports history, authentic Michael Jordan memorabilia is the ultimate addition to all collections. Not only is a Michael Jordan autograph in top demand from both collectors and sports fans, it’s one of the most highly valued on the sports memorabilia market.

    • Michael Jordan Signed Jerseys: As an athlete that wore one of the most iconic jersey numbers the history of sports, there is no better way to commemorate “His Airness” that with an autographed Michael Jordan jersey affixed with a stitched number 23. Take home a piece of NBA history with a rare signed Michael Jordan jersey to proudly display in your favorite sports room or dedicated sports collection. All items with a Michael Jordan autograph are extremely valuable and will only continue to acquire worth over the years. Honor the greatest to play the game or celebrate his outstanding contributions to the Chicago Bulls franchise with an authentic Michael Jordan autographed jersey.

    • Michael Jordan Autographed Basketballs: Since “Air Jordan” made his name by being able to do unreal things with a ball, a Michael Jordan signed basketball is an amazing addition to all sports collections or unique man caves. With one of the rarest signatures on the market, a Michael Jordan autographed basketball is the ultimate piece for any sports collector and a prized possession for all NBA fans that idolize the unforgettable legend. There’s no better way to commemorate the best player in NBA history and all of his great contributions to the sport, than a Michael Jordan signed ball.

    • Signed Michael Jordan Photographs:The sight of “His Airness” flying midair to dunk the ball has become one of the most spellbinding and memorable images from through sports history. There are countless numbers of photographs showing the NBA legend performing one of his famous high-flying dunks and an autographed Michael Jordan photo is the perfect way to preserve his greatness forever. Since Michael Jordan signed photos are quite rare and in high-demand from both collectors and sports fans, these collectibles makes for a very smart investment. NBA merchandise with a genuine Michael Jordan autograph will constantly acquire worth throughout the future and celebrates a man that changed all of sports forever.

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