Pittsburgh Steelers Autographed Memorabilia and Collectibles

When it comes to winning, the Pittsburgh Steelers are the best franchise in NFL history. As the oldest franchise in the AFC, the Steelers have won a record six Super Bowls, eight AFC Championships and played in 15 AFC Championship games. Pittsburgh has been the pillar of consistency during its time in the NFL, with championship seasons spread out between 1974 and 2008.

The Steelers established themselves as a team to be reckoned with the arrival of legendary head coach Chuck Noll. Noll’s greatest attribute as a coach was his ability to draft great players and have them instantly contribute to his teams. Noll drafted “Mean” Joe Greene in 1969, Terry Bradshaw and Mel Blount in 1970, Franco Harris in 1972 and in 1974, he put together one of the best drafts ever when he selected four future Hall of Famers in Lynn Swann, Jack Lambert, John Stallworth and Mike Webster.

With Noll at the helm and after he drafted a nucleus of fantastic talent, the Pittsburgh Steelers were primed to dominate the NFL. The players that Noll drafted formed the core of what was to become one of the greatest NFL dynasties in the history of the game. During the ‘70s, the Steelers made the playoffs eight times and became the first team ever to win four Super Bowls in the span of six years. Despite their epic run during the ‘70s, the Steelers fell off toward the mid-80s when their Hall of Fame players began to retire.

The franchise returned to glory during the 2005 season, when it returned to the Super Bowl behind the play of its new franchise quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger. Long-time Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward took over Super Bowl XL against the Seattle Seahawks to the tune of five receptions for 123 yards and a touchdown – he was named Super Bowl MVP. This game also marked the last game of Jerome Bettis’ storied career with the franchise. Better known as “The Bus,” Bettis played for the Steelers from 1996 until finally earning a Super Bowl ring in 2005.

In 2008, the Pittsburgh Steelers became the first team in NFL history to win a sixth Super Bowl with a dominant 27-23 victory over the Arizona Cardinals. Santonio Holmes was tabbed as Super Bowl MVP after recording nine receptions for 131 yards and the game-winning touchdown.

The Pittsburgh Steelers withstood the test of time and became the winningest franchise in NFL history by becoming the first team to win six Super Bowl titles. It’s easy to see why the Steelers have built a worldwide fan base and their memorabilia is highly coveted everywhere. The Steelers have dominated the NFL like few other teams have ever been able to duplicate. With a future Hall of Famer in Ben Roethlisberger and impact players like Troy Polamalu, the Steelers provide collectors with a number of options as to where to turn to add depth and uniqueness to a memorabilia collection.

    • Terry Bradshaw Autographed Jersey: Terry Bradshaw played his entire 14-year career with the Pittsburgh Steelers, bringing the franchise four Super Bowl titles in a six-year span. During his Hall of Fame career, Bradshaw was a three-time Pro Bowler and was named NFL MVP for the 1980 season. Because Bradshaw represented the Steelers’ winning ways so well during his career, the team no longer issues his No. 12 jersey. Fans and collectors can still get their hands on a Terry Bradshaw jersey through our wide variety of NFL memorabilia. An autographed Terry Bradshaw jersey is guaranteed to take your Steelers collection to the next level. A Terry Bradshaw signed jersey allows fans and collectors to take home a piece of football history while investing in memorabilia of increasing value.

    • Ben Roethlisberger Signed Football: Ben Roethlisberger instantly made the Steelers better after they drafted him in first round of the 2004 NFL Draft. It was only during his second year in the league when he led Pittsburgh to a Super Bowl victory over the Seattle Seahawks, a feat that he repeated in 2009 with a title win over the Arizona Cardinals. Established himself as an elite quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger memorabilia spikes in popularity every year he spends winning games on the Steelers’ roster. With a Ben Roethlisberger autographed football, fans and collectors can add a memorabilia that will steadily rise in value to their collection. Each official NFL game ball is hand-signed by Roethlisberger and many also feature unique inscriptions of his nickname “Big Ben” and his many feats.

    • Jerome Bettis Autographed Helmet: Jerome Bettis was a six-time Pro Bowler during his 13-year career. He etched his name as one of the most likeable Steelers’ players ever and developed a huge connection with the Pittsburgh fan base during his 10-year tenure with the team. Bettis was a key member of the 2005 team that won Super Bowl XL against the Seattle Seahawks. He retired after winning his first Super Bowl ring, and left the game as the NFL’s sixth all-time leading rusher. With a Jerome Bettis signed helmet, fans and collectors can preserve the legacy of one of the best rushers in league history.

    • Troy Polamalu Signed Photo: Troy Polamalu is one of the best defensive players the NFL has ever seen. He’s been a key member of two Steelers Super Bowl titles while being named to the Pro Bowl eight times and winning the NFL Defensive Player of the Year award in 2010. Throughout his career, Polamalu has provided fans with countless memorable moments, and now fans can keep those moments alive by browsing through our Troy Polamalu autographed photos. A signed Troy Polamalu photo would be a fantastic addition to any NFL memorabilia collection that will continuously acquire value over the years. Fans and collectors can preserve remarkable plays with photos that capture Polamalu mid-air as he tackles an opposing player or diving for a touchdown.


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