Prince Fielder Autographed Memorabilia and Collectibles

Prince Fielder is a fantastic first baseman and a real powerhouse hitter that can hit a home run in any field, who continues to dominate the MLB as a member of the Texas Rangers. Since the start of his professional career, Fielder has taken the sport to new heights while setting a number of MLB records and individual records for his clubs. Rightfully regarded as one of the most dangerous batters in the MLB, Prince Fielder is reaching the peak of his game and looks to solidify his place in baseball history in coming seasons.

The early days of his baseball career began on the junior varsity squad at Saint Edwards School based in Vero Beach followed by three years at the Florida Air Academy. Fielder then transferred to Eau Gallie High School for his senior year, during which he amassed a remarkable .524 batting average with 13 doubles, ten home runs, 41 RBI’s, and 47 runs. For his noteworthy success, Fielder was voted the 2002 All-Space Coast Player of the Year by Florida Today.

Immediately after high school, Prince Fielder entered the 2002 MLB Draft and was selected 70 overall by the Milwaukee Brewers. Fielder began to develop into the MLB’s next top performer while working his way up in the minors. Finally in 2005, Fielder made his major league debut with the Brewers as their designated hitter. In the following season, Prince Fielder earned a starting position with the Brewers at first base and went on to break the franchise record for most home runs by a rookie. As a favorite for the Rookie of the Year Award throughout the season, Fielder also produced a rookie campaign that topped the National League despite falling short of the title.

In the 2007 MLB season, Fielder’s career continued to flourish as he was nominated for his first All-Star Game appearance and became the Brewers franchise leader for home runs in a single season. He also became the youngest player ever to record 50 home runs in one season and won a number of awards for the year, including the Hank Aaron Award and his first of three Silver Slugger Awards. As the years continued, Prince Fielder steadily improved and became a hugely dominant player at bat, but struggled to meet a long term agreement with the Milwaukee Brewers.

After much arbitration, Prince Fielder left the Brewers in 2011 and signed the biggest contract in the MLB at the time with the Detroit Tigers for the start of the 2012 MLB season. After joining the Tigers, Fielder went on to earned his first All-Star selection as a member of the American League and won his second Home Run Derby, becoming the first player to win the even as a member of both leagues and one of two to win multiple derbies. In the postseason that year, Fielder contributed to a long Tigers playoff run and earned his first career trip to the World Series.

Although his contract was supposed to last for 9 years, Prince Fielder was traded to the Texas Rangers in 2014, where he continues to rise in the ranks of the MLB. Fielder’s career stats are largely impressive to say the least, with a current batting average of .285 for almost 1,400 hits, 300 home runs, and 900 runs batted in with an on base percentage of .388 and a slugging percentage of .522. Throughout his days in the MLB, Fielder also earned five All-Star selections, three Silver Slugger Awards, and was named the 2011 All-Star Game MVP. In addition to being the previous iron man leader for playing 547 consecutive games, Prince Fielder is a member of that exclusive 50 home runs club and won the Home Run Derby twice.

Prince Fielder is a major star in the MLB and one of the best batters in the game. With a storied MLB career that has produced fantastic statics, making authentic Prince Fielder memorabilia a great addition to any sports collection and a must-have for baseball fans. Show your support for the Texas Rangers first baseman in upcoming seasons and invest in sports memorabilia with a high future value by purchasing MLB merchandise with a Prince Fielder autograph for your collection or as a unique sports gift.

    • Prince Fielder Autographed Bats: Considering the Rangers first baseman is one of the best hitters of all-time and a member of the 50 club, a Prince Fielder signed bat is an iconic addition to any sports room or collection. In addition to being a representation of his significant success at the plate, a Prince Fielder autographed bat brings unique perspective to any collection and is an investment that will accrue value over the rest of his career.

    • Prince Fielder Signed Baseballs: A ball signed by an athlete is the ultimate relic to that player because it signifies their entire career and contributions to the sport. Take home a piece of the action and commemorate one of the MLB’s best players with a Prince Field autographed baseball. A Prince Fielder signed baseball is a great addition to any sports collection due to its high value, but is an absolute must-have for fans of the feared slugger.

    • Autographed Prince Fielder Jerseys: Fielder is a star for any team he plays for, which has resulted in a premier reputation for the All-Star across multiple MLB franchises. With his many personal accolades and significant role on various baseball teams, a Prince Fielder signed jersey is a worthy asset for any MLB fan or collector. No matter where your loyalty lies, you can show team pride for the Rangers, Tigers, or Brewers while displaying a rare Prince Fielder autographed jersey in your man cave at home or above your desk at the office.

    • Signed Prince Fielder Photos: Ever since the dominant slugger joined the big leagues, he’s played an affluent role in any batting line up while producing some of the biggest and most unforgettable plays in recent baseball history. Keep fond memories of the first baseman alive forever with autographed Prince Fielder photos that feature him slugging a home run at the plate or commanding the infield. As Prince Fielder signed photos preserve the career of one of the MLB’s greatest hitters, they are guaranteed to bring value to all sports collections and rise in worth over time.

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