Bo Jackson Autographed Memorabilia and Collectibles

Mutli-sport All-Star Bo Jackson is a retired professional athlete who dominated on both the football field and the baseball diamond. Not other athlete has the highly decorated two-sport career that Jackson can brag about. Named the greatest athlete of all time, Bo Jackson is a figure in American sporting history that will never be forgotten.

After a turned down draft selection from the New York Yankees, Bo Jackson found himself at Auburn University playing both baseball and football. On the diamond, Jackson boasted a .401 with 43 RBIs and 171 homeruns while on the football field, Jackson was just as successful with an average 6.6 yard carry per possession and 43 of his 45 touchdowns coming from rushing.

In 1986, Bo went professional in both sports, playing football for the Los Angeles Raiders while killing it on the Diamond for the Kansas City Royals. During his short lived four year football career, Jackson rushed an incredible 2,782 yards with 16 touchdowns. Named a Pro Bowler in 1990, Jackson’s career quickly ended after an injury, leaving Jackson to his MLB career that was already in progress.

In the MLB, Jackson played a successful career with the Royals, Chicago White Sox and eventually the California Angels before his retirement in 1994. With 141 homeruns and 415 RBIs, Bo Jackson’s professional baseball career was highly decorated with his recognition as an All-Star Game MVP.

As an NFL Pro Bowler and MLB MVP, Bo Jackson did what no other athlete had ever done before: he was named an All-Star in two professional sports simultaneously. This feat makes Bo Jackson collectibles highly sought after as a sporting hero. With valuable product offerings for more football and baseball, there are a number of items that may be of interest to Bo Jackson fans and all NFL and MLB memorabilia collectors.

    • Bo Jackson Autographed Helmets: If you’re a football fan, what better way to commemorate this incredible athlete’s talent than with authentic Bo Jackson autographed helmets. Remember this All-Stars time with the Raiders when he rushed the field to victory numerous times. A signed Bo Jackson helmet is a great and valuable addition to any sports memorabilia collection. Bring home this unique piece of sports history today.

    • Bo Jackson Signed Baseball: There’s no other more valued item to a MLB fan than a Bo Jackson autographed baseball. Holding such great value, an authentic Bo Jackson baseball is guaranteed to add worth to any sports collection. Add this unique collectible to your Man Cave while you commemorate an incredible athlete’s career.

    • Bo Jackson Autographed Football: No other athlete has both signed footballs and baseballs, making a Bo Jackson signed football the piece that’s been missing from your sports collection. Show your appreciation for this athlete’s great ability with a rare Bo Jackson autographed football. Considering the title this athlete holds, a Bo Jackson football will add immense value to your sports collection.

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