Boston Celtics Autographed Memorabilia and Collectibles

The Boston Celtics have long been the NBA’s marquee franchise since being founded back in 1946. The Celtics have dominated the NBA like no other team has been able to do in league history. With 21 conference titles and 17 NBA Championships, the Boston Celtics’ reign as the most storied franchise in the league continues to this day. During the 1950s and 1960s, the Celtics reached a level of dominance that has yet to be duplicated. From 1957 to 1969, Boston won 11 NBA Championships in a span of 13 seasons. Additionally, the Celtics won eight consecutive titles from 1959 to 1966, which is a record that still stands. Because the Celtics are a franchise that represents winning to the maximum, their collectibles and memorabilia are highly sought after by sports collectors and basketball fans everywhere.

The success of the Boston Celtics started when legendary coach Red Auerbach formed a team around Bob Cousy, Tommy Heinsohn, and the iconic, Bill Russell. With the core of the team in place, the Boston Celtics began to win championships at an unprecedented rate. The Celtics’ teams of the ‘50s and ‘60s are considered by many to be some of the most dominant teams in NBA history. After the 1965-66 season, Red Auerbach retired from coaching and Bill Russell filled the void by serving as a player-coach for three seasons. With Russell as the player-coach, the Celtics won two more NBA titles in three seasons. Russell’s success during his career puts him at an elite level all on his own. An autographed Bill Russell basketball can serve as the perfect centerpiece in a classic NBA memorabilia collection and commemorates one of the top players in Celtics history.

After Bill Russell’s retirement, the Celtics were in need of another superstar player to continue the stockpile of championships Russell brought in. Red Auerbach, now serving as the team’s general manager, drafted a young player out of Indiana State to fill the void Russell left behind. The athlete’s name was Larry Bird. After a number of other trades, Auerbach paired Bird with other future Hall of Famers, Robert Parish and Kevin McHale. With the original “Big 3” leading the way, the Celtics won the 1981 NBA title over the Houston Rockets. The Celtics won their 15th championship three years later during the 1984 season when the franchise faced off against their bitter rivals the Los Angeles Lakers. The 1986 Celtics team is regarded as one of the best teams ever assembled. With the “Big 3” already a part of the team, the Celtics added Bill Walton to help spark the bench play. This addition proved to be a great one, the Celtics went 40-1 at home that season and Larry Bird won his third-consecutive NBA MVP award while Bill Walton won the Sixth Man of the Year award. That season ended in the franchises 16th title after defeating the Houston Rockets once more in the finals.

After the 1986 season, the Boston Celtics fell in an unfamiliar state as their championship runs stopped. It wasn’t until the team paired Paul Pierce with All-Stars, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen, that the team would resume its winning ways. With three strong players serving as the core of the team, the Celtics advanced to the 2008 NBA Finals to match up against Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers. The Celtics dominated the Lakers and after a Game Six 131-92 blowout they claimed their NBA-best 17th title.

The Boston Celtics are the NBA’s most storied and accomplished franchise. Collectors across the globe add Boston Celtics memorabilia to their collection because the items represent winning at the ultimate level. The 17 championship banners that hang inside their arena are what makes winning and the Boston Celtics synonymous. Because the Celtics have a history rich with Hall of Famers like Larry Bird, Bill Russell, Bob Cousy and Kevin McHale the options as to what piece of iconic memorabilia to add to your collection is limitless.

    • Bill Russell Signed Jerseys: Bill Russell played his entire legendary career with the Boston Celtics. In 13 seasons, Russell won 11 championships and will forever live in Celtics history as the ultimate winner. Russell was a five-time MVP and 12-time All-Star with the Celtics, making his memorabilia classic and great investments. A signed Bill Russell jersey is the perfect addition to any NBA or Boston Celtics memorabilia collection due to his status among legendary players and large presence in basketball history. Bill Russell memorabilia is scarce because the legend does not sign often, making the collectibles that have a Bill Russell autograph extremely rare.

    • Kevin McHale Autographed Basketball: As a three-time champ and seven-time All-Star, Kevin McHale memorabilia is an awesome addition to any basketball collection, and because of his legendary status the memorabilia will only continue to increase in value. Within our selection of McHale autographed basketballs there is a variety of products to choose from, among them is a Kevin McHale and Robert Parish signed basketball that honors two of the greatest ever to wear a Celtics uniform. The addition of this basketball, or any Kevin McHale signed ball, adds a certain depth to any collection, in addition to adding historic context and presence.

    • Larry Bird Signed Photos: One of the best pure shooters in the history of basketball, Larry Bird averaged 24.3 points per game throughout his career. Bird also thrived when it came to including his teammates in the game; he averaged 6.3 assists per game. With the vast amount of success Bird enjoyed during his playing career, his memorabilia retains a great amount of value by the number of fans that still cherish his game to this day. Our expanded collection of Larry Bird signed photos offer a great way to show off your classic NBA memorabilia collectibles. With a signed Larry Bird photo, collectors can show off a real piece of basketball history. A photo that captures Bird during the 1986 NBA Finals preserves one of his greatest career moments and is signed by the three-time champion, which proves to be very valuable.

    • Rajon Rondo Memorabilia: Rajon Rondo, the point guard of the 2008 championship team, is the face of the Boston Celtics today. The four-time All-Star is one of the premier point guards in the league, and the Celtics have chosen to keep him as the potential building block for another championship team. Investing in Rajon Rondo memorabilia is a smart move to make now, and not after his illustrious career comes to an end. Because the Celtics have always found ways to win, it’s almost a sure thing that Rondo and the team will pursue a number of championships in the coming years. A Rajon Rondo collage is a unique addition to any collection, as it’s designed with a Rondo photo and comes with an actual piece of a team-used basketball. Meanwhile, a signed Rajon Rondo jersey is an absolute must for any Celtics fan looking to honor their favorite player.

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