Detroit Lions Calvin Johnson Autographed Memorabilia and Collectibles

Calvin Johnson is a wide receiver that currently plays for the Detroit Lions in the NFL and quite possibly the most impressive wide receiver in the league. Despite being 6ft 5in tall, Johnson’s height doesn’t hinder his extreme speed. With second to none hand-eye coordination is second to none giving him an extreme catching ability, followed by insane pace that includes covering 100m in 10.23 seconds. Calvin Johnson’s remarkable skillset and all-around athleticism, makes him a deadly player that’s capable of turning a game on his head in just one play.

While in high school, Calvin Johnson was labeled by many as a future star and was expected to become one of the top ten wide receivers in the country. Johnson made a number of premier football lists during his early years on the field, before he opted to go to the Georgia Institute of Technology to play in the NCAA. During his college career, Johnson recorded one of the best four years in Georgie Tech history as an All-American and ACC Player of the Year.

After dominating NCAA football, Calvin Johnson then entered the 2007 NFL Draft, surrounded by hype as not only top players of his class, but also as one of the best wide receivers of all time. Johnson was selected second overall by the Detroit Lions to become the highest draft selection ever to come out of Georgia Tech. Little did the entire football community know, Calvin Johnson would go on to complete one of the greatest careers in NFL history.

Since joining the NFL in 2007, his entire professional football career has been full of awards and record-setting seasons, indeed fulfilling his prophecy of becoming one of the best wide receivers in the league. Johnson’s resume features numerous awards that boasts four consecutive Pro Bowl selections, selection to the AP All-Pro first team three times, and leading the NFL in receiving yards for two seasons.

Calvin Johnson’s league records also include the second most receiving yards in a single game, most receiving yards in a single season, the only player in NFL history to record over 5,000 yards in just three seasons, and tied first for number of career games with over 200 receiving yards. Due to these accolades and his ability to consistently dominate the football field, Calvin Johnson is constantly ranked as one of the top players in the entire NFL.

As one of the most dominant players in the NFL, Calvin Johnson memorabilia is an absolute must-have for all sports collections or man caves. From a signed football to honor the superstar wide receiver’s running skills or show support for Detroit football with an autographed Lions jersey. Whether you’re a die-hard Lions fan or casual football spectator, anyone can appreciate a player of Megatron’s caliber, so be sure to invest in a piece of NFL history to take home.

    • Autographed Calvin Johnson Photos: Calvin Johnson is known for defying the impossible and acrobatic plays while completely commanding the field no matter who his opponents are. Capture these epic moments from football history with a unique signed Calvin Johnson photo to proudly display at the office or in your man cave at home. All football fans can appreciate the greatness that is Megatron so a Calvin Johnson autographed photo is sure please anyone. An action photo with a rare Calvin Johnson autograph is highly likely to increase in value as he continues his career, making a smart investment that looks great displayed anywhere.

    • Calvin Johnson Signed Footballs: As a player that absolutely dominates once he has the ball in his hand, a Calvin Johnson autographed football is sure to headline any sports room or collection. A Calvin Johnson signed ball is a unique way to honor his many remarkable achievements and honor his contributions to the sports. With a hand-signed Calvin Johnson autograph, Lions fans can take home a piece of the on-field action to celebrate their favorite franchise star and collectors can invest in Calvin Johnson memorabilia that will definitely acquire value over the years.

    • Signed Calvin Johnson Jerseys: Show your support for the Detroit Lions and the team’s legendary wide receiver with an autographed Calvin Johnson jersey. Each Calvin Johnson signed jersey features his number 81 stitched with his last name on the back of the jersey to commemorate his great contributions to the Lions franchise. There’s no better centerpiece for a man cave or sports collection than an athlete’s jersey, especially one that celebrates one of the top players in the league and potentially all of football history. A signed Calvin Johnson jersey is the ultimate piece of sports memorabilia for anyone and is in high demand from both collectors and NFL fans. Guaranteed authentic with a tamper-evident hologram sticker, football fans can add serious value to their collection with a Lions jersey signed by the one and only Megatron.

    • Calvin Johnson Autographed Helmets: After setting his mark in football history with record-breaking statistics and various achievements, a Calvin Johnson signed helmet is a treasure for all NFL fans. Featuring the official Detroit Lions logos and color scheme, helmets with a genuine Calvin Johnson autograph are a great piece of sports memorabilia for any sports room or football collection. Adding a Calvin Johnson autograph helmet to any sports collection will greatly increase its value as he continues to emerge as one of the most prolific players ever to grace league. Purchasing a signed Calvin Johnson helmet is a smart investment that will enhance any Lions fans dedication to the team or collector’s sports collection.

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