Indianapolis Colts Autographed Memorabilia and Collectibles

The Indianapolis Colts are one of the top franchises in the NFL today. The Colts have a young core of players, like Andrew Luck and TY Hilton, which put them in the mix as one of the most exciting teams in the league. Indianapolis also boasts a decorated past, and with legendary players like Johnny Unitas and Peyton Manning in their record books, the Colts have an illustrious history that most teams envy.

Founded as the Baltimore Colts in 1953, the franchise has very successful roots. During their time in Baltimore, the Colts made the playoffs 10 times and won three NFL Championships, which has pegged the franchise as one of the most successful in the league. The Colts won their three NFL Championships behind the stellar play of quarterback Johnny Unitas. Unitas was a 10-time Pro Bowler and is widely regarded as one of the best quarterbacks of all time. Unitas also played a huge role for the Colts during the franchise’s run to its first Super Bowl title in 1971. Unitas threw a touchdown pass in the Colts’ 16-13 Super Bowl V win over the Dallas Cowboys.

After Unitas, the Colts struggled to remain relevant and shortly thereafter the team moved to Indianapolis. The 1998 NFL Draft marked the next phase in franchise history as the team dubbed Peyton Manning its next elite quarterback when they took him with the top pick in the draft. Manning instantly showed the Colts that their decision was a wise one – he went on to break a number of rookie records before developing into one of the great passers in the game.

Manning’s career flourished in Indianapolis. He went on to claim four NFL MVP Awards as a member of the Colts and led them to a Super Bowl victory in 2006. Manning placed the franchise on his back and delivered the Colts their second title in franchise history with a Super Bowl XLI win over the Chicago Bears.

A number of injuries hampered Manning’s later years with the Colts, and in 2012 the franchise drafted Andrew Luck with the top pick in the NFL draft in order to find an heir to Manning’s throne. Luck, much like Manning did previously, performed brilliantly out of the gate during his rookie season – his accomplishments during his first year earned him a trip to the Pro Bowl. With Luck and a nucleus of young athletes, the Colts have regained relevance in the league and seem primed to be perennial playoff contenders.

The Indianapolis Colts are one of the top teams in the NFL at this moment, and they aren’t looking to relinquish that anytime soon. As a team stacked with young talent, it’s easy to see why Colts fans are as excited about their memorabilia as they have ever been. Andrew Luck, TY Hilton and Reggie Wayne are just a few players the Colts have that are at the top of their games. Any Indianapolis Colts memorabilia that you add to your collection with preserve some of the greatest stories in NFL history while honoring remarkable legends of the game.

    • Johnny Unitas Signed Footballs: A ten-time Pro Bowler, Johnny Unitas is widely regarded as one of the best NFL quarterbacks of all time. Unitas emerged as an elite passer during his tenure with the Baltimore Colts, winning three NFL Championships and a Super Bowl with the franchise. The Hall of Famer had his No. 19 jersey retired by the Colts, which is an accomplishment reserved for the greatest players in franchise history, and Unitas will remain an icon forever. As a three-time NFL Champion and MVP, Johnny Unitas memorabilia is a necessary addition to any NFL collection looking to add to its value and honor the top players in league history. The best way to commemorate this Hall of Famer’s career is with a Johnny Unitas autographed football to star your NFL memorabilia collection in honor of all of his incredible achievements.

    • Peyton Manning Autographed Photos: Peyton Manning’s career will eventually be honored with a shrine in the Hall of Fame. Manning provided fans with countless memorable plays throughout his illustrious career that will live on forever. The best way to preserve some of these moments with signed Peyton Manning photos that capture one of the many successful moments his career has had to offer. Each Peyton Manning autographed photo has been personally signed by the future Hall of Fame quarterback and depicts images that range from the quarterback as he calls a play at the line of scrimmage or dropping back for a touchdown pass. Add both historic and monetary value to your collection with an autographed Peyton Manning photo, which will only continue to gain significance and acquire worth over the years.

    • Andrew Luck Signed Jerseys: The Indianapolis Colts dubbed Andrew Luck the next face-of-the-franchise when they selected him with the top overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. Luck didn’t disappoint the Colts or their fans when he made the Pro Bowl during a stellar rookie season. The quarterback broke NFL records for most passing yards in a single game by a rookie and most passing yards in a single season by a rookie, which are records that solidified him as the next great Colts quarterback. Fans and collectors should invest in a signed Andrew Luck jersey now while his career is still blossoming instead of waiting until the tail-end of what seems to be a Hall of Fame career. An autographed Andrew Luck jersey provides collectors with a great centerpiece for their collection and allows fans to honor their team’s new megastar while showing Colts pride.

    • Marvin Harrison Autographed Helmets: Marvin Harrison played his entire storied 13-year career with the Indianapolis Colts. A member of the Indianapolis Colts Ring of Honor, Marvin Harrison earned eight trips to the Pro Bowl and was a member of the Colts’ Super Bowl winning team in 2006. He led the league in receiving yards twice while also topping the league in receptions twice as well, making Marvin Harrison memorabilia a must-have for any Colts collection. Colts fans can truly show their dedication with a Marvin Harrison signed helmet that features the official Colts logo and is a replica of the uniform actually worn by the players. By taking home a Marvin Harrison autographed helmet, fans and collectors can commemorate the career of this future Hall of Famer and all of his noteworthy achievements. Each Colts helmet is hand-signed by the Indianapolis legend and is guaranteed to go up in value once Harrison is inducted into the Hall of Fame.

    • Reggie Wayne Plaques and Collages: Reggie Wayne has represented the Indianapolis Colts since the franchise picked him in the first round of the 2001 NFL Draft. Wayne has been a pillar of consistency while playing for the Colts and has already earned six trips to the Pro Bowl. A life-long Indianapolis Colt, the wide receiver has become a fan-favorite and Reggie Wayne memorabilia is extremely sought after. Fans and collectors can add to their NFL collection with a decorative Reggie Wayne plaque or collage that celebrates his stellar career. A Reggie Wayne collage gives fans the ability to commemorate one of the most consistent wide receivers in the NFL with various images of the finest moments from his career. As a legend of the franchise and one of the top players in the game, Reggie Wayne is an absolutely necessary addition to any complete Indianapolis Colts collection.

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