New York Yankees Mickey Mantle Autographed Memorabilia and Collectibles

Mickey Mantle was one of the most talented and beloved ball players to ever wear the New York Yankees pinstripes. Seven World Series victories and 20 All-Star game appearances makes Mantle one of the greatest MLB players to have graced the diamond. A true baseball legend, Mickey Mantle’s legacy and history lives on for all to admire.

The Mick started in the minor leagues in 1949 but just two short years later, Mantle was playing in the Major Leagues for the New York Yankees. Quickly rising to the top, The Commerce Comet was named to his first All-Star team in 1952, just one year after debuting.

The 1950s and 60’s belonged to this MLB Great. With seven World Series titles, Mickey Mantle did what few can ever accomplish. In 1956 Mantle became the first player to win the coveted Triple Crown title while leading the American League in hits, home runs and RBIs. Joining the ranks of another Yankee Great, Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantle forever left a mark on the famed Yankees franchise.

In his 18 year career with the Yankees, Mantle created a career that will live on in MLB history forever. In 1968, immediately following his retirement, Mickey Mantle’s great number 7 jersey was retired. In 1974 The Mick was enshrined in the national Baseball Hall of Fame, forever leaving his mark on history.

With each passing year, the value of Mickey Mantle memorabilia continues to increase. Now is the time to honor the Yankees legend with rare and unique items, including:

    • Autographed Baseballs: The Mick hit 536 of these out of the park before he called it quits, the third most of all time at the time of his retirement in 1968. Bring home a piece of MLB history with a hand-signed baseball. Many balls are even more unique with inscriptions documenting one of the memorable moments in this slugger’s career. With a large selection to choose from, you can add an authentic Mantle signed ball to your collection. Perfect for any man cave or office, a Mantle ball looks great displayed with pride.

    • Mantle Signed Baseball Bats: Mantle was a known slugger, nailing over 500 dingers well into the stands. Now you can take home a piece of history with a Mickey Mantle signed bat. Guaranteed to be authentic, you can display your Yankee pride with a rare signed bat from the famed number 7 Yankee. A bat signed by Mickey Mantle is one of the most desirable items a baseball fan can ask for, and now is your chance to have this wonderful sports collectible headline your collection in your office or sports room.

    • Autographed PhotosSome of the most iconic pictures in the deep history of baseball are brought to us by the Commerce Comet Mickey Mantle. Our wide variety of authentic autographed photos celebrate the career of the Hall of Famer, including signed pictures of The Mick with fellow Yankee greats like Joe DiMaggio, Whitey Ford, and Yogi Berra. Mickey Mantle signed memorabilia is some of the most craved baseball merchandise available today and would be sure to headline sports memorabilia collections of all sorts and sizes.

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