Pete Rose Autographed Memorabilia and Collectibles

Pete Rose is the best hitter in baseball history and the numbers prove it. Rose is the all-time MLB leader in hits with 4,256, games played with 3,562 and at-bats with 14,053. Rose played 23 seasons in Major League Baseball, the majority for the Cincinnati Reds but also had short stints with the Philadelphia Phillies and Montreal Expos.

Rose retired from playing as an extremely accomplished athlete, winning three World Series titles, three batting titles, one MVP award, two Gold Gloves, a Rookie of the Year award and was named to the All-Star team 17 times. Rose was simply a natural when it came to the game of baseball, it was his calling and he dominated the game for 23 years. Rose was a leader on one of the best teams in MLB history. During the 1970s, the Cincinnati Reds were dubbed “the Big Red Machine” for their sheer dominance of the game and collection of superstar players, including Rose, Johnny Bench, Joe Morgan and Tony Perez.

During 1975 and 1976, Pete Rose, alongside his star-studded team, helped the Reds to back-to-back World Series titles. During the 1976 playoffs, the Reds didn’t lose a single game, and became the first team since the playoff format expanded in 1969 to go undefeated in the postseason. Rose impacted these two championship teams drastically when he sacrificed himself by switching from his usual position in the outfield to play third base, which helped the team utilize all of its assets.

During the 1978 season, Rose experienced one of the many highlights of his career. On June 14th of that season, Rose recorded a hit against the Chicago Cubs, and went on to record a hit in every game he played in until August 1st. Rose made a valiant effort to challenge Joe DiMaggio’s iconic 56-game hitting streak, but failed to get a hit after 44-consecutive games. His streak of 44 games is the third-longest hit streak in MLB history, which makes Pete Rose memorabilia a true treasure for any baseball collection.

    • Pete Rose Signed Jerseys: Pete Rose was an incredible hitter. The 17-time All-Star basically rewrote the baseball record books during his lengthy career. The time to invest Pete Rose collectibles is now because they constantly retain value as fans realize the huge impact he had on the game. An autographed Pete Rose jersey highlights the All-Star’s contribution to the Reds during the Golden Age of baseball and holds a high value due to his iconic place in MLB history. A Pete Rose autographed jersey is the perfect addition to make to a Reds memorabilia collection, and it should be added soon before it’s no longer available.

    • Pete Rose Autographed Baseballs: As the all-time hits leader in MLB history, Pete Rose is one of the better all-around players the league has ever seen. And despite the controversy that has kept him from entering the Hall of Fame, Rose is a player whose legacy will live on endlessly, therefore making his memorabilia extremely desirable and valuable. An autographed Pete Rose baseball is a great investment for any MLB memorabilia collector as items signed by the “Hit King” will only rise in value over time. Many Pete Rose signed baseballs include special inscriptions with his career achievement or his famous phrase “I’m sorry I bet on baseball”.

    • Pete Rose Autographed Bats: An autographed Pete Rose bat is a great addition to any MLB memorabilia collection seeing as he owns pretty much every significant hitting record in league history. A Pete Rose signed bat can be the piece of memorabilia that elevates your collection from an average one to an excellent one. Known as the “Hit King” in honor of his MLB-record 4,256 career hits, there is no better way to celebrate his illustrious career than with a Pete Rose autographed bat. A bat with a rare Pete Rose autograph preserve the career of one of the greatest to step up to the plate and serves as an investment that will acquire even more value over time.

    • Pete Rose Signed Photos: With a signed Pete Rose photo collectors can preserve the career of the legendary Reds player. With the addition of signed Rose photos to your collection, you can acquire a piece of his memorable career and make it your own. Our selection of signed Pete Rose photos provides collectors and fans a wide variety of classic moments to choose from. With an assortment of signed Pete Rose photo to choose from in order to capture “Charlie Hustle” on the field allows fans to take home a piece of baseball history via images of one of his memorable head-first dives into home plate or huge game-changing home runs.

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